Warehouse & Distribution Services

  • Value added Logistics Services
  • Long & short term storage capabilities
  • Cross Dock and Domestic Services
  • Pick-Pack capabilities
  • CFS Approved & Bonded Warehouse
  • Utilization of transportation services



Distribution and warehousing is an essential part of your supply chain, and SHGL provides a full line of services throughout our global network. Our distribution capabilities offer best-in-class inventory management and order fulfillment that allow for seamless global logistics solutions and complete supply chain management.

Our leading-edge information technology provides reporting and real-time visibility to your inventory. This connectivity allows for quick turnaround to start new distribution services at any of our branch’s.

Our professional management teams offer local expertise with a variety of industry backgrounds, allowing us to manage complex distribution requirements.

In addition to traditional distribution center management, we provide a full range of programs to suit your specialized needs, including origin distribution, vendor managed inventory, order fulfillment and returns programs, as well as order level services like inner carton pick and pack and kitting.

Order Management

It all starts with the opening of an order. Whether you are an importer, an exporter, or both, we are here to help you move your order through your supply chain with full attention to the details. It is the management of those details that allow for continuous improvements in your supply chain.

As a key component of SHGL, we offer seamless door-to-door global logistics solutions, purchase order management supporting your global sourcing, transportation, customs and distribution needs by adding order and product level visibility to the process. Additionally, we provide critical origin services such as cargo and supplier management, exception reporting, flexible transportation options and paperless document handling.

We ensure your specified business rules are met and key milestone management is provided to track your order status. The ability to monitor from the time an order is created and then report against order and product level detail enables you to effectively manage, improve and reduce costs in your global supply chain, and, in turn, provide exceptional customer service to your customers.

Measuring service provider performance, load optimization and product specific issues is vital for achieving continuous improvements in your supply chain. This is only possible if the data is available timely, accurately, and all in one place.

At the end of the day, our process ensures that you have the right quantity of the right product, in the right place at the right time while incurring the least amount of overall cost.

Risk Management

Risk management is a critical part of the global supply chain process and we partner with you to increase and improve your overall knowledge and strategy for supply chain risk. Based on your specific requirements, we construct customized solutions designed to evaluate, control, reduce and eliminate risk.

Global Security

We know that a secure supply chain is critical to your business and we incorporate your security expectations into the standard operating procedures that manage your account.

At SHGL, security is not a separate product or service but intrinsic to everything we do. Our systems, processes and consistent approach ensure your cargo moves through our global network in a secure manner. We work with our carriers, third party warehouses and all other business partners to verify their internal security programs meet SHGL/GP Logistics' Minimum Security Standards.

The consistency in our approach, careful selection of our business partners and our global emphasis in quality create an environment that promotes a secure supply chain.