Traditional Consolidation Services

Consolidation is one of our core activities and capabilities. We can receive cargo from multiple vendors at our warehouses, which are strategically located at the primary seaports of South China, including the Yantian Free Trade Zone. The products are then loaded to your specifications at our warehouse and then transported to their destinations. SHGL plays a key role in offering efficient transport by consolidating small-lot and multiproduct cargo on a destination basis, resulting in much lower transportation costs compared to traditional LCL transport.

The service reduces total logistics cost drastically and provides real time visibility, thus keeping our customers informed on the status of orders at any moment.

Our Traditional Consolidation Service is ideal for those who:

• Arrange collection from many vendors on a regular basis
• Arrange collection of many kinds of goods
• Arrange Collection on FCA, FOB or EX WORKS terms
• Advanced exchange of logistics information via EDI
• Operate under just-in-time delivery of merchandises

Our services do not stop there; with a staff of experienced industry professionals, SGHL can provide our customers with consultation on areas such as Load Optimization, Forecasting, Budgeting, Risk Analysis, Warehouse/Distribution management and a variety of logistics services designed to solve efficiency and cost reduction challenges that our customers may face.