Risk Management and Safety


At Crossroads safety doesn’t happen by accident… Our Goal is for Zero Accidents… Period!

Our number one asset is our employees and it is our responsibility as an organization to do everything we can to ensure that they return home safely and injury free at the end of every single day! When it comes to safety our management team and employees walk-the-walk, by instilling and creating a culture that addresses, promotes, and focuses on Safety as our #1 company initiative.

  • At the start of the shift at each and every warehouse location in our network, we conduct a 5 minute safety talk addressing key safety topics from our annual safety calendar.
  • As part of our overall safety training program and to promote productivity, every employee on the team participates in daily pre-shift stretching exercises that are led by our seasoned management team. This effort serves as an effective preventative measure that allows us to lower the risk of potential workplace injuries.
  • We maintain safety alerts that are shared throughout the network when safety concerns surface at any of our facilities. Knowledge and awareness are powerful tools in prevention of recurring safety incidents. 

To assist in helping our warehouse employees maintain focus, we incentivize them for working safely with our Safety Bonus and Incentive Program. Our teams track their consecutive days without a lost time injury in every DC we operate in, and we incorporate our handheld IT technology to assist in the trend reporting process. Quarterly rewards are distributed and celebrated each time a location goes accident and injury free during the quarter. By attaching a monetary component to our core safety philosophy our team gets to share in the fiscal success that comes with reducing the cost of accident and injuries.

Safety training is ongoing at Crossroads.  Training starts on the employees first day and it continues throughout their career with the company. Our employees are trained according to OSHA standards, including classroom testing and equipment operation training to meet those standards. Licensed operators are recertified according to OSHA regulation, and observations are performed consistently by our management team in between recertification.

A safe employee starts with a responsible employee. Crossroads conducts a thorough background check and pre-employment drug test on all candidates prior to their employment with the organization. In addition all existing warehouse employees are subject to random, reasonable cause and post-accident drug testing.

At Crossroads safety is truly one of our core company values.