PO / Vendor Management

SHGL’s Purchase Order Management System allows vendors to communicate seamlessly. Our PO / Vendor management Service allows your business to automate key business processes and keep track of critical information about order and shipment information in a single application providing end to end visibility down to the SKU level.

We have operations teams around the world who provide fully integrated logistics and vendor management services. This means faster response times for vendors with shipping questions because you will always be dealing with someone in your same time zone.

SHGL’s PO / Vendor management system implements process that produces a clearly defined standard operating procedure list that allows our origin teams to respond to vendors much faster.

The system also includes an origin consolidation service that allows your company to manage vendors’ activity, cargo consolidation, and all other shipping activities resulting in lower costs and improved efficiency in your supply chain.

Functionality / Benefits of SHGL PO Vendor Management System:

• Business Rules and Exception Management
• Dedicated Account Management for Shipment planning
• Documents prepared online by vendors saves time and streamlines the process
• Purchase order and SKU-level management/visibility
• Shipment tracking available by numerous criteria (such as PO, HBL, container number, vessel, voyage, etc)
• Supports purchase order uploads via Excel, CSV, FTP, EDI and XML
• Vendor management that includes monitoring of supplier timeliness and adherence to schedules

Key Components of our System:

Our Operating system:

• Receives, integrates, manages and reports at the PO, shipment and SKU/line item level
• Provides a secure vendor portal which allows the factory / vendor to view, confirm and update PO status and quantity fulfillment at the line item level
• Allows the factory / vendor to create or upload necessary documentation
• Has the ability to ship at the PO line item allowing vendors to use multiple factories on a single PO, maximizing cube across FCL and CFS shipments.
• Support: SHGL Operational Management Team provides factory / vendor portal and process training in local languages. Training includes tutorials on controls planning and execution of booking within the PO management application. An account manager is assigned to your company offering you a single point of contact if you have any further needs with assistance.

SHGL’s Origin Consolidation Services:

Our origin services offer the following benefits to our valued clients:

• Centralized visibility of purchase orders and shipment documentation
• Increased control of your supply chain
• Simplified processes and less manual work
• Reduced shipping costs and fees
• Reliable, consistent shipping schedules
• Improved transit times
• Reduced customs fees

Performance Management / Reporting:

Strong reporting capabilities at the shipment, PO and SKU level coupled with end to end visibility Our customized shipment reports enable you to:

• Monitor expected vs. actual shipping dates
• Build Exception Reports based on your defined Business Rules
• Track transit times and control inventory/goods-in-transit

Example Reports:

• Program status details
• PO Change Report
• CFS Report
• Approval Required
• FCR Status
• ISF Match