Milk Run

Using proprietary load optimization software SHGL is able to provide consolidated pickup “Milk Run” services for the collection and in-transit consolidation of LCL cargo within various geographic areas in mainland China. This service can be implemented in a wide geographic area however; areas of density provide the greatest opportunity to reduce costs for our clients and their suppliers.
Although the implementation of a Milk Run service will not eliminate the use of a traditional Container Freight Station (CFS), for those customers that have a high percentage of LCL cargo, the Milk run service can provide a number of advantages.

Summary of advantages of Milk Run service:

• Save CFS Receiving Charge and CFS Handling cost
• Decrease trucking cost
• More cost saving and efficient customs declaration
• Earlier visibility on cargo ready and more flexible cargo delivery dates
• Reduce cargo damage due to avoiding loading/unloading within CFS
• Environmental protection due to less land transportation / carbon footprint