IT Systems and Solutions

Combined with a management team with many years of experience in this industry, a team of highly qualified warehouse professionals, timely and accurate invoicing and all of the standard qualifications that you expect from a freight handling company – our standard solution includes many extra benefits. Crossroads partners with you from the initial stages of an implementation to determine your business needs in order to provide a solution that delivers value and reduces costs for you.

Our best-in-class technology platform is based on solid components, such as Microsoft SQLServer, Microsoft .NET code, and industrial ruggedized tablet pc’s in order to provide 24/7 reliable access to you. You will have access to a web-based portal that provides access to dashboard and standard reports, invoice visibility, work order visibility, and much more. We have the ability to import your delivery schedule in various electronic formats and delivery methods. This allows us to reduce costly data entry errors, provide you with real-time visibility to your loads, gives you the ability to track the status of your loads at any given time, and run dashboard reports to identify trends and manage exceptions to the process.

Tablet Capabilities

Our ruggedized tablet PCs were designed with the harsh conditions of your warehouse in mind and are highly sealed to protect against damage from dust, chemicals, and dropping. These units can capture images on demand, which the Crossroads team can attach to your load records in order to assist you in your cargo claims, collection process, or to use in lieu of, and in addition to miscellaneous notes. We have the ability to process credit card payments on the dock, which reduces the amount of cash handled on your dock. 

Onsite Delivery Management

Crossroads partners with you to develop an end-to-end solution that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your dock doors and warehouse space. We provide the ability for you to track your deliveries from scheduling through to driver departures with a series of real-time event status timestamps. Our IT platform monitors the status of unloading and notifies our dock supervisor of lengthy unloading times in advance, allowing for the allocation of extra resources to avoid detention charges. We combine the capture of this data with customized reports that allow for analysis of the dock activity to provide you with continuous improvements and efficiencies.

Damage and Cargo Claims Management

Our dock supervisors capture details of damage instances, have the ability to capture images of the damage and attach this data to the individual work order. This allows you to submit reliable data to the carriers to increase your success of collecting compensation for your cargo claims. A periodic report of claims and damage is readily available to you with the click of a mouse.

Reporting and Data Analysis

Crossroads captures a multitude of data elements and details from your work orders. We use this data to provide a robust set of standard and customized reports available for viewing in the client portal, or available for you to download into a spreadsheet or .PDF file. This provides multiple ways for you to monitor our success against the Key Performance Indicators that are established during the implementation process. These KPIs provide a specific tracking mechanism for you to know that Crossroads is exceeding your expectations and are available through your client portal login 24x7 wherever you have computer internet access.

Safety Programs

Crossroads views the importance of safety as a critical component in all of our customer solutions. In addition to our excellent safety programs, we continuously display safety related information to our dock supervisors through our portable tablets. We provide daily updates of safety tips, a safety checklist, and a monitor of accident free days to our supervisors via their portable tablets as one method to make sure that safety is a key part of our company culture.
Another key component of safety that directly benefits many of our customers is our ability to perform food handling safety inspections. We are able to utilize temperature monitoring, UV lights, and vermin inspections and record that information into our tablet PCs to make sure that your food items arrive in excellent condition.