Global Services

SHGL (Swan & Hercules Global Logistics) offers a full range of global supply chain services that reduce costs and increase profit potential for our customers and business partners. Globalization of the world economy has resulted in more complex supply chains, as companies pursue competitive advantage and access to new and emerging markets. We bundle and integrate comprehensive services to meet your unique requirements. You can count on us for innovative solutions tailored to your business needs. SHGL recognizes that the efficient management of the flow of goods, services and information along a supply chain - from the procurement of raw materials, through suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, to consumers and end-users - is becoming increasingly critical. Product life cycles are shrinking, R&D timelines are shortening and the demand for a greater variety of product choices is growing. SHGL is agile and manages the supply chain process worldwide. As your company's lead logistics partner, we proactively manage the supply chain to reduce cycle time and variability while increasing reliability, visibility and control.