Business Continuation/Transition

Project Support

This unique service offering is available for both current and new customers.  The main focus is to support unpredicted business events that require immediate, fully trained professional warehousing support. There are numerous scenarios in a distribution environment that can cause an Operations Leadership person from the Senior VP all the way down to the DC Department Supervisor to cringe.

Everyone has heard the unfortunate turn of events:

  • The surrounding area of the DC locations has been through a severe weather situation (tornado, hurricane, etc) and the stores have not been serviced in several days. Maybe the DC had flooding, or the trucks couldn’t get through. Receiving volume has been pushed off completely and the orders keep piling up. Tens of thousands of cartons are literally stacking up waiting for delivery to the DC, and the store shelves are starting to empty.
  • The import volume you’ve forecasted is coming in 20% – 30% higher than expected, there is no end in sight to the volume surge, and unfortunately your team has experienced a lot of recent turnover and recruiting is a struggle. It is going to be physically impossible to catch up with the workload now that the schedule is already several days behind. The warehouse team you have is giving you everything they have, but they are simply exhausted, and your overtime expense is going through the roof.
  • It’s contract negotiation time, and although you have a great relationship with the team and are confident things will play out well, you need a back-up plan in place. At a moment’s notice you could need a substantial number of trained warehouse personnel to fill in for every function within the DC.

What are your options?

Crossroad's management team has helped customers get through all of the scenarios mentioned above and many more. Our dedicated, fully trained and highly motivated travel team has literally had boots on the ground across the country within 24-48 hours of receiving a distress call from a customer. Our freight handlers, equipment operators, and project management teams arrive and immediately begin to go to work in order to assist in resolving the issues. Our team has been in locations assisting for a few days all the way up to several months depending on the needs of the customer. Crossroads will stand by your side until the issue is rectified and business is able to continue on as it would in normal operating circumstances.

Crossroads is one of the few warehouse service providers that have the experience, personnel, and ability to help clients with these types of critical issues. We have provided this service to both our core customers and also to new customers that utilize another provider that simply was not scalable enough to accommodate this type of surge. We will assist our customer with or without a current long term relationship, our desire is to help you first and foremost and during that we hope to demonstrate exactly what a long term relationship with our team can do for your organization.